Dear Friends,

    In a time of great global change, humanity is still relying on
    old power structures and the outdated myth of survival and
    domination. We need a new myth, a new vision, a new definition
    of power and leadership in our relationships, family life, careers,
    and governments.

    While it will take all of humanity, women especially feel called to
    usher in a new power paradigm. Many are already doing so. Why?
    Because we know we must. The old ways of wielding power are
    unsustainable. They lead to war, a degraded environment, and
    the abuse of human rights. There is a rising tide of women who
    trust that there is another way—a more sane and hopeful way that
    leads to peace, health, and the continuity of life. At work, we no
    longer want to pay the price that the old definition of power
    requires.  We want to create environments that value teamwork,
    respect differences, and encourage our families to flourish. At
    home, we want to meet our mates halfway in a field of fairness and
    equality and mutual respect. And in culture and politics we want our
    values to be seen not as "women's issues," but as legitimate
    human concerns that shape society and drive public policy.

    For the past two years, Omega Institute and V-Day have been
    holding a unique gathering of women who are exploring the new
    power paradigm. This year, we invite you to New York City to
    consider what it means to be a woman of power. It is not enough
    for women to merely shed our resistance to claiming power. It is
    our time to lead, but we must lead from our core female values
    and our deepest wisdom. To do this, we must strengthen within
    ourselves a joyful sense of self, an authentic voice, and a passion
    to serve what we know is possible.

    That is what we will be doing together at Women and Power: Our
    Time to Lead. We will spend our time listening and learning;
    expressing our ideas, our grief, and our hope; emboldening our
    imaginations; and awakening our feminine power. We believe that
    this conference can make a real difference in each of our lives,
    and ripple out into a world that is hungry for our wise direction.

    We invite women—and men—from a diversity of backgrounds,
    ages, and nations to attend. Bring a young friend or your teenage
    daughter; share the brochure with friends at work; spread the
    word in your community. We look forward to being with you.

    Elizabeth Lesser
    Cofounder of Omega Institute

    Eve Ensler
    Playwright and Founder of V-Day

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