a Global Movement of Nonviolence
    is here!  It will coincide with the Climate
       Movement and the call for a Global Cease-Fire!       

    The Time to Act is Now - Click here
    The time has come for something special and good to
    happen in the world.  Do we, the people, wait for it to
    happen or do we make it happen.  Usually change
    comes from a disaster.  We must not wait for a disaster.  
    We must act now.  Therefore, to stop violence and war,
    promote nonviolence, and to unite the people of the
    world to work together for humanity, the time has come
    for women to RISE-UP!

    there will be no Peace!  (See letter to Naomi Klein)

    The following is a plan to enlist non-governmental
    WOMEN LEADERS to be the leaders of a
    Gandhi / King-like people movement called a

    Global Movement of Nonviolence, For the Children

    A GMofNV is designed to begin immediately!  All the
    “mechanisms are in place” and the “catalyst” to
    implement the plan is prepared!  A GMofNV will be
    implemented by an initiative to empower women
    everywhere called a

    CALL to WOMEN, a World-Wide Unity Campaign

    Women Leaders will ask women to be the first to unite!
    The world is becoming more and more divided and
    violent and that is why women, the best representatives
    of nonviolence possible, are needed to show that there
    is another way to resolve conflict!  A GMofNV and a
    C2W are not just for women, it is for everyone
    as the Civil Rights movement in the United States was
    for everyone.  

    What makes a CALL to WOMEN and a GMofNV different
    from other movements is that they will be promoting
    STOPPING WAR and at the same time ILLUSTRATE
    RESPECT and GENUINE CARING for people
    everywhere, working together to help others, for
    HUMANITY -- beginning with the children!

    The success is predicated on women leaders taking
    the lead.  It will be shown that once the women leaders
    join, the women (and men) will follow, the media will
    follow, and millions of dollars can be raised – power against power!

    Specific plans are designed for the WOMEN LEADERS to:

    •        Enlist all the MAYORS (or community leaders in every village, town,
    and city),
    •        Enlist all the RELIGIONS,
    •        Enlist the WEALTHY,
    •        Reach out to MEN,
    and most importantly
    •        Implement new GLOBAL PEACE NEGOTIATIONS, led by women to
    Defuse Conflicts.  

    The key is to get a movement started!  The time has come to enlist specific
    women leaders.  Their function will be to first, enlist the TEAM, a “Council
    of Women” that will be the spokespersons for the movement.  The Council
    of Women would then enlist all the women leaders from around the world
    to promote and issue a CALL to WOMEN!

    The first women leaders enlisted are vital. The WOMEN LEADERS
    recommended are:

    Marianne Williamson – Author and Spiritual Leader
    Alice Walker                 – Author and Activist
    Gloria Steinem                 – the Face of Women,
    Leymah Gbowee         – Nobel Peace Laureate

    THESE WOMEN have the ability to MOVE MOUNTAINS!  They would be
    asked to enlist the full contingent of Women Nobel Peace Laureates, who
    then enlist women leaders from around the world, a “chain reaction”
    where leaders, women and men, enlist their whole movements!  

    The grassroot organizations everywhere have started from the ground up.  
    Now it is time to tie them all together!  WOMEN LEADERS will ANNOUNCE

    1.        WOMEN of the world are UNITING AS THE PEACEMAKERS
    2.        WE are starting the largest PEACE MOVEMENT the world has ever
    seen to COINCIDE with the largest ENVIRONMENTAL MOVEMENT
    the world has ever seen
    3.        The PEOPLE in every country are going to influence their own
    governments, all at the same time, to STOP WAR and VIOLENCE

    The beginning date is tentatively set for

                   September 11, 2021

    Time for Women to take a POLITICAL VOICE and ATTAIN POLITICAL

    •        WOMEN LEADERS are going to Issue a CALL to WOMEN (C2W)
    •        WOMEN everywhere will be asked to promote a GMofNV
    •        The MAYORS and Community Leaders everywhere will be asked to
    promote both a GMofNV and a C2W.
    •        WOMEN will be announcing they COME in PEACE

    Sometimes in life an unexpected opportunity arises when one has to
    make an important decision.  This is one of those times.  A FULL STRATE
    GY to enlist the leaders and begin the movement is prepared.  Women le
    aders must come together and announce the movement to properly mar
    ket a GMofNV before it begins on September 11th.  If war was coming the
    people would mobilize within two days.  Now we have nine months to put
    the leadership team and prepare the announcement in May of 2021.   Once
    the movement is announced, the leaders will deliver demands and
    deadlines and the people will be informed of specific tactics of resistance,
    organizing, AND the constructive tools for working together!  

    help to bring about social, economic, and political paradigm change!  The
    time is now.  The key is for people to "Commit to Nonviolence."  Excellent
    programs as a guide are prepared (Campaign Nonviolence & the Metta
    Center RoadMap,and the Global Marshall Plan and ESRA).

    The WOMEN LEADERS are busy.  Plans are prepared to “provide the means” for
    the WOMEN LEADERS for administration, funding, marketing, implementation,
    and follow-up.  THE WOMEN LEADERS of the Council of Women must devote time
    to make decisions – Determine the Demands, Fund Distribution, Oath,
    Declaration, Proclamation, be the SPOKESPERSONS, Make Announcements,
    Promote Dates, Network, and Publicize the Movement.

    Recently, the Environmental Movement promoted a global initiative to influence
    governments to protect the environment.  NOW is the PERFECT TIME to
    implement a new PEACE MOVEMENT to coincide with the Environmental
    Movement – each to strengthen each other and promote each other.

    IN CONCLUSION, The time has come for WOMEN to RISE-UP.  It is up to the
    WOMEN LEADERS to make it happen and save the WORLD!  

    To unite the people and the movements, two main common elements were
    found.  The first is nonviolence.  The people everywhere do not want violence!  
    The second is the children.  The people in every country want their children to
    grow up in a safe and healthy environment.

    The children are the motivation for each segment of a GMofNV – mobilization,
    conflict resolution, reconciliation, and working together as human beings.  The
    world needs it now, “For the Children” of today and the children of the future!  
    All the elements are aligned now!    It won’t be easy and there will be risks.  The
    intricacies are complex, but there is simplicity in setting it in motion.  The key is
    getting it started!

    These plans will not solve all the immediate problems, but it will set a direction
    and an avenue for people to work together for long term goals.  

    The people will be promoting a new narrative of committing to nonviolence and
    committing to working together for humanity – helping others.  This narrative is
    the vital component to change the consciousness of the people of the world.  It
    will be difficult to mobilize this year because in the United States, with the
    presidential campaigning, the people are occupied, but the movement is for
    everyone and the U.S. must be part of the mobilization.  

    Gandhi said about nonviolence, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at
    you, then they fight you, then you win.  I have gone through the first three.  It’s
    time to win!  

    Sister Joan Chittister, September 11th, 2004, at the Omega / V Day
    Conference: “Women and Power, Our Time to Lead” said, “The lives of our
    children, the protection of millions, the hopes of all humankind, wait again now for
    women, from opposite cultures, opposite tradition, to step over the line of political
    hatred to save them.”  

    The time has come for WOMEN to RISE-UP.  We have to think
    BIG.  The time is here for people to UNITE EVERYWHERE!

    Women taking a voice to “defuse” the most crucial conflicts,
    will give women a voice in every issue and the supporters of a
    GMofNV will also gain political clout.   This task will not be easy.  
    There will be sacrifice and suffering.  

    Women must take a political
    voice to change the world
    The opportunity is at our FINGERTIPS to change the world,
    if we choose to.  

    Peace and Love,
    Andre Sheldon

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    Andre Sheldon
    Director, GSofNV
    Facilitator, Call to Women
    Cell #     617-413-9064
    Home # 617- 964-5267
    GSofNV - A program of: The Living Arts Institute, Inc, a 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit
    107 Withington Road, Newton, MA, USA  02460    



How beautiful the world is when we live and work together in peace.
Global Strategy of Nonviolence
Mother Theresa said, “Peace begins with a smile.”
Welcome! A Global Strategy of Nonviolence
FOR the CHILDREN A World-Wide Unity Campaign
A Strategy to Bring Peace For the Children and Stop  War
(GS of NV)

In 3 years, we the
people, can change the



Mobilize, in every village,
town, and city,in every

Select Demands
and Deadlines

One year awareness

Starting Event
Tentative date
Septermber 11, 2021
+23 scheduled events


The People must be
HEARD, the Moderate

We want the children to
see an overt exhibit of

Conflict Resolution
and Disarmament


Programs For the
February 11, 2008

Date updated
September 14, 2020

List of Updates
    Testimonials: From Letters to Andre Sheldon

    Howard Zinn - author, activist
    Your "Call to Women" is excellent. Well written, clear, strong.  
    No doubt women represent non-violence best.                      10/25/04
    Margarita Papandreou - Former 1st lady of Greece,
    Co-founder of WINPEACE "This sounds like a positive initiative." 1/6/08
    Gila Svirsky - Co-founder of Coalition for Women for Peace
    I completely agree with your vision and overall approach – to
    mobilize women to lead the way to peace.  This has been core to
    our peace activism in Israel for almost 20 years.                     ...10/8/07
    Helen Caldicott -
    "I think this is a very good idea..."                                         ...11/28/03

    Louise Diamond - aurhor, activist                                       ...11/22/11
    “Thanks for sending the information on your wonderful project.  The
    children are indeed a unifying force, and women are indeed the active
    agents of a most great peace.  Your GSofNV/Call to Women can
    enliven the spirit of peace that we so desperately need on the planet in
    these days.”

    More Inside
The whole world must unify over a
common cause:
the children.
When the world focuses on the children with programs
providing food and shelter, as an umbrella
for all issues, paradigm change will occur.

Paradigm change requires a "catalyst."
A Global Strategy of Nonviolence calls upon the
Women of the World
to "mobilize" and create the largest, nonviolent
peace movement
the world has ever seen!

Who will lead?

A New Philanthropic Program is designed
to finance the peace movement,
develop protocols for nonviolent conflict resolution,
and fund programs for the children

FROM Documentary called "BUDRUS"
Promoted by Queen Noor and Julia Sacha  click
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