The time has come for a people movement!  We want the children
    to see world wide unity.  We want the children to see an overt
    exhibit of nonviolence.

    An objective is to enlist MILLIONS of people will join a world unity
    campaign!  If all the women come together to work for a common
    cause, they can influence political change around the world!  First,
    there must be a CRITICAL MASS!

    Codepink and all the peace groups are trying to mass mobilize but
    they are thinking too small!  They are not utilizing the globe.  They
    are not planning a strategy long enough and effective enough.

    Critical Mass
           Swanee Hunt, Director of Women Waging Peace said,
    “Find Critical Mass.”

           Vander Hoeval, Editor of "The Nation" said,

    Howard Zinn, author/ historian, was quoted by Yuri Loudon, in The Internationalist, posted
    October 18, 2006 as saying, “I now believe only in the movements of the people that can
    change history.”

    COMMENTS about a People Movement

    Jim Wallis, editor of Sojourner, dedicated to social justice
    movement.  – Sunday Meet the Press, 3-27-05, - “We celebrate
    the growth of a movement – the poor were welcomed and taken
    care of.  Women were made equal.  Racial barriers were broken
    down.  The followers of Jesus wouldn’t fight or kill for 3 centuries.

    (See Bahai to the Peoples of the World)

    Shelter Under the Anti-war Umbrella -
    By David Solnit, AlterNet
    February 18, 2005
    “People power is an assertion of real democracy. It can assert the
    democratic will of communities and movements to change the things
    that matter when the established so-called democratic channels
    turn out be little more than public relations for elite rule. Every
    successful movement in U.S. history, from the workers and civil
    rights movement to today's farmworker-led Taco Bell boycott, and
    every dictator toppled in recent history have relied on people
    power methods.”

    “People now are coming to similar conclusions - that we need to turn to
    people power and find ways we can assert our own power or
    withdraw our support. It's clear we are not all going to agree on any
    one (or two or three) campaigns, but it is possible for us to be
    proactive and consciously adopt and promote a larger people
    power strategic framework that makes our various efforts and
    campaigns complementary and cumulative. I think of it as a massive
    umbrella under which we can - whether we are a national
    organization, a local group or a decentralized network - make our
    efforts add up.”

    From a WILPF Branch mailing, A Coordinated Strategy to Prevent War:  A Women’s
    Agenda, 6-27-07.
    “Comparative studies have shown that transformative change through women’s political
    empowerment can be hastened by a robust and inclusive, women’s agenda, autonomous
    of existing political parties. Autonomy from partisan politics means this agenda can serve
    as a resource for politicians within every party, while simultaneously staking a claim for
    goals and objectives that might remain beyond any single party’s platform.”

    Laurinda C, from South Africa in a letter to Andre Sheldon, wrote,
    “The reason I brought Empowerment Gateway into the discussion is that to succeed in the
    sustainable mobilization of “Individuals with a common goal” … we need to look at the
    vehicles and mechanisms that will be required to sustain such a vision and objectives. We
    need to become self-sustainable, we need to act “within a role-model” context for the
    benefit of our kids and other individuals … by walking the talk .. people will hopefully start
    to take cognizance of it and some of our values and principles will then start to rub off on
    them to. … creating an outward spiral effect …”

    The following appeared on
    Headline: 'People power' wins in Ukraine
    Date:     December 26, 2004

    "UKRAINIANS will vote for the first time in a fair and free election
    today -- and have themselves to thank for it. Without the massive
    civilian-based resistance dubbed the Orange Revolution, the Ukrainian
    Supreme Court would not have invalidated the fraud-ridden election of
    Nov. 21."


How beautiful the world is when we live and work together in peace.
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